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SS8H3 GA & the American Revolution Review

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    Review of the Georgia Standards for American Revolution
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  • What countries participated in the French and Indian War?
    France and Great Britain
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  • Why was the French and Indian War, also known as the 7 year war, called "Indian War" when it was between France and Great Britain?
    Native Americans fought on both sides with the promise of recieving rewards once the war was over.
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  • Quartering Soldiers means that colonists had to do what?
    Colonists were required to house and feed soliders without payment.
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  • Name the 3 Georgian signers to the Declaration of Independence.
    Lyman Hall, Gwinnett Button, George Walton
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  • Taxation without representation was a slogan prior to the American Revolution. What did it mean to the colonists?
    colonists had no voice in the government that issued the unfair taxes
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  • This act taxed all legal papers in the colonies and even other paper products like playing cards!
    The Stamp Act
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  • King George III issued this big announcement that forbide colonists from moving west of the Appalachian Mountains, restricting where they could live and trade.
    The Proclamation of 1763
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  • What is the title of the official breakup letter written by the colonists to King George III?
    The Declaration of Independence
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  • The preamble of the Declaration of Independence tells what?
    Big ideas/Beliefs of the colonists such as All men are created equal and have certain rights.
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  • The second part of the Declaration of Independence is a list grievances. What are grievances and who were they directed to?
    Grievences are complaints, how you did me wrong. In this case, it is a list of how King George and Great Britain have done wrong to the colonies.
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  • The final paragraph of the D.O. I. declares the colonies free of Great Britain's rule and the formation of what new country?
    The United States of America
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  • Those who opposed leaving King George and Great Britain were called________-
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  • Elijah Clarke led the Patriots to a victory in this battle in Georgia.
    The Battle of Kettle Creek
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  • This strategic and historical city remained in British control throughout the American Revolution despite efforts by the Patriots to reclaim it.
    Siege of Savannah
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  • After the war ended, what was the first governing body of the new United States?
    The Articles of Confederation
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  • What document replaced the Articles of Confederation as the binding governing document of the U.S. and is still used today.
    The United States Constitution
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  • Who wrote the Charter for the University of Georgia?
    Abraham Baldwin
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  • What was the first capital of Georgia?
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