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Swan Island

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    A group of friends who go on a village adventure
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  • Where do Hugo, Charlie and Jack live?
    Next to a large lake
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  • How is the brother's and sister's home different from a normal home?
    There are no cinemas, exciting skate parks, festivals or restaurants.
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  • What did their father teach them when they were very young?
    He taught them to swim and sail.
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  • Who is worst at sailing in the family?
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  • Where is Swan Island?
    ln the middle of the lake.
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  • Why do the siblings call it Swan Island?
    They found a swan's nest there.
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  • What are they not afraid of?
    They are never afraid of sailing to the island by themselves or frightened of sleeping there alone on dark, cold nights.
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  • What did they decide to do last Saturday?
    They decided to take a picnic to Swan Island.
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  • What does Jack worry about when they get to the water?
    It's windy.
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  • What happens to the wind after two bluebirds fly over their heads?
    It changes and gets very strong.
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  • What happens to Jack after the wind changes?
    He falls into the water.
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  • Who rescues Jack?
    Two pirates.
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  • What do the pirates and the siblings do after they rescue Jack?
    They have a picnic together on Swan Island.
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  • What did the pirates tell the children?
    Scary stories
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  • Who does Hugo hope to meet each time he sails to Swan Island?
    The pirates.
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