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Number the Stars Chapter 5

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    Comprehension questions
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  • Describe what happens in the middle of the night when Ellen stays with Annemarie.
    German soldiers come to the apartment.
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  • What makes the German soldiers suspicious of Ellen's identity?
    The colour of her hair.
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  • What does Papa do to answer the German soldier's questions about Ellen?
    He takes the family album.
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  • Describe how the German soldiers treat the family.
    Impolitely, in a rude way.
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  • What does the code CIGARETTES mean?
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  • What is Annemarie afraid that Kirsti will do on the train to visit Uncle Henrik?
    Talk about Ellen's New Year.
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  • Describe Uncle Henrik's house and the surrounding land.
    It is a nice old house in the meadow.
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  • What does Ellen say that her mother is afraid of ?
    She is afraid of the sea.
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  • What does Uncle Henrik say happened to Great-aunt Birte?
    She died.
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