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I dare you to guess!

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    Students read riddles in order to guess the answers about different shops in their town.
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  • Stand outside the school and turn left. Walk straight on until you see a lamp post at the corner. What does it say? Write down your answer!
    Picture of the sign
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  • Cross the street opposite the school. There is a nice shop. They sell clothes for women. What's the name of the shop? Write down your answer!
    Name of the shop
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  • Stand in front the school and turn right. Walk straight on until you see the traffic lights. Opposite the traffic lights there's a big market. How do we call it?
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  • Go straight on Marcos del Bueno street. Try to find a shop with yellow windows and a wooden door with a red sign. This shop sells shoes for both men and women. How do you call this type of shop?
    Name fo the shop in English
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  • Stand next to "Marianas" shop and look at the house with two dogs. Are there any other pets? Count them!
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  • People like playing sports especially at weekends, when they have more free time. Where can they go?
    Sports centre
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  • When I want to do some exercise I go to the ...
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  • When it's summer and really hot people go to this shops to eat some delicious food!
    Ice cream shop
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  • When I need a hair cut I go to the ...
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  • If you go straight on Marcos del Bueno street, you will see there's a place where people go to get help from the police. What's the name of it?
    Police station
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