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    Idioms in context
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  • Sharon had butterflies in her stomach before the championship game.
    She swallowed a butterfly
    She has a pet butterfly
    She was sick
    She felt nervous
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  • My dad blew his stack when he saw the grades on my report card.
    He got mad
    He lit a fire
    His hair was on fire
    He had a bad headache
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  • Jennifer was a bundle of nerves before getting her driving test results.
    She felt proud
    She was wrapped up
    She was scared/nervous
    She was confident
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  • My parents rolled out the red carpet when family came to visit.
    Treated them special
    Got new red carpet
    Danced on the red carpet
    Made family leave their shoes on the carpet
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  • The athlete is fit as a fiddle.
    Is in good shape
    Needs to work out more
    Likes violin music
    Works out to fiddle music
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  • We need to get back to basics.
    We need to repeat elementary school
    We need to make things simpler
    We need to learn math
    We need to try harder
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  • Once in a blue moon I win a contest
    This never happens
    This happens rarely
    I wish this would happen
    This happens often
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  • His goal kick was close, but no cigar
    He missed the goal
    He made the goal
    It was smokey
    He doesn't like cigars
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  • Last night it was raining cats and dogs'
    There was a lot of noise outside
    Dogs and cats were fighting
    Dogs and cats fell from the sky
    The rain was heavy
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  • That kid has a chip on his shoulder.
    He hurt his shoulder
    Someone put a potato chip on his shoulder
    He is happy
    He is holding a grudge
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