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Talk about...

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    Speaking practice with fun topics
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  • Talk about your hobbies
    e.g. I like drawing and reading comic books.
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  • Talk about what you did yesterday
    e.g. Yesterday I watched a film about sea animals.
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  • Talk about your favourite animal
    e.g. My favourite animal is the dog. I like how friendly and playful dogs are!
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  • Talk about your favourite subjects in school
    e.g. My favourite subjects in school are English and history.
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  • Talk about your plans for the weekend
    e.g. This weekend I am going to the beach.
  •  15
  • Talk about your favourite food
    e.g. I love eating pizza and spaghetti!
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  • Talk about your favourite sport
    e.g. I like playing tennis with my friends.
  •  15
  • Talk about your favourite season
    e.g. My favourite season is winter because I get many presents on Christmas Day!
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  • Talk about something you dislike
    e.g. I don't like spiders. They look scary!
  •  15
  • Talk about something that makes you happy
    e.g. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.
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