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    the fun riddles
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  • what belongs to u but not everyone
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  • i will never use umika will all ways use who am i
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  • i have 1 leg 3 eyes who am i
    traffic light
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  • when i was born after one year i use 4 for walking when i become big i use 2 for walking when i become old i use 3 for walking who am i
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  • who is your best friend
    sahassra umika shanmakha hasini tulasi nirav all
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  • when u bye me i will be red while u are use me i become black when u through me i white
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  • I you say u don't feel u are having it
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  • i am very large that even u also don't no
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  • i am tall when i'm young and i'm short when i am old
    a candle
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  • what is full of holes but holes water
    a sponge
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  • what can't talk but will reply when spoken to
    an echo
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  • if it is more u cant see wht is it
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  • i have branches but no fruit no trunk or leaves
    a blank
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