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  • My brother will repair my car tomorrow.
    I will have/get my car repaired (by my brother) I will have my brother repair my car // I will get my brother to repair my car.
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  • The plumber came to fix the water pipes yesterday.
    I had/got my water pipes fixed yesterday (by the plumber) I had the plumber repair my water pipes // I got the plumber to repair my water pipes.
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  • Susan's tailor is mending her dress before the wedding.
    Susan is having/getting her dress mended (by the tailor) Susan is having the tailor mend her dress // Susan is getting the tailor to mend her dress.
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  • Mark has painted his house recently.
    Mark has had/got his house painted recently. Mark has had a painter paint his house recently // Mark has got a painter to paint his house recently.
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