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Transformations. Complete units 1 to 5. B

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    comparison, too and enough, so and such, conditionals
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  • I was much more nervous than my son. NERVOUS My son was far ____ me.
    less nervous than
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  • Pierre spoke too quickly for us to understand. THAT Pierre spoke ____ couldn’t understand him.
    so quickly that we
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  • If you organize everything well, you won’t be so nervous. LESS The more organized you are, ______ you’ll be.
    the less nervous
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  • I didn’t go to school this morning. I didn’t see Muriel. HAVE If I had gone to school this morning, I _____Muriel.
    would have seen
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  • I was exhausted but I went to the party all the same. HOWEVER I was ____ I went to the party.
    exhausted. However,
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  • She didn’t like Sara. She invited her to the party. SPITE She invited Sara to the party ____ that she didn’t like her.
    in spite of the fact
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  • They continued working although they were tired. STOP They ____ although they were tired.
    did not stop working / didn't stop working
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  • It is the same to sit for the exam in groups of two or groups of three. DIFFERENCE It ____ to sit for the exam in groups of two or groups of three.
    makes no difference
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  • Talking to him is a waste of time. WORTH It ______ to him.
    is not worth talking / isn't worth talking
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  • It’s impossible for us not to laugh when we act together. HELP We _____ when we act together.
    can't help laughing
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  • You’d better see a doctor. YOU If _____ see a doctor.
    I were you, I would
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  • She didn’t take part in the play because she is too shy. WOULD If she weren’t so shy, she ______ the play.
    would have taken part in
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  • She went home early because she was exhausted. NOT She ______ early if she hadn’t been exhausted.
    would not have gone home
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  • The meal won’t be tasty if you don’t add spices. UNLESS The meal won’t be tasty _____ spices.
    unless you add
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  • The bee won’t sting as long as you stay still. PROVIDED The bee _____ stay still.
    won't sting provided you / will not sting provided you
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  • 12. They were working all day, so they are really tired now. WORKING If _____ all day, they wouldn’t be tired now.
    they hadn't been working / they had not been working
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  • We didn’t win the cup because our best players weren’t playing. COULD We ____ if our best players had been playing.
    could have won the cup
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  • I can’t fail any subjects or else my parents punish me. IF My parents ____ any subjects.
    will punish me if I fail / punish me if I fail
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  • She can’t go out if she doesn’t promise to be back early. UNLESS She can’t go out ______ back early.
    unless she promises to be
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