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Transformations. Complete units 1 to 5.

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    used to, comparison, too and enough, so and such
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  • When I was little I would go to the park every Sunday. USED When I was little I _____ the park every Sunday.
    used to go to
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  • My grandfather used to walk to school every day when he was young. WOULD My grandfather ____ to school every day when he was young.
    would walk
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  • I moved in here in 2008. SINCE I _____ 2008.
    have lived here since
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  • The old man removed his hat and entered the house. OFF The old man ____ and entered the house.
    took off his hat / took his hat off
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  • Do you have a good relationship with your partners at school? GET Do you _____ with your partners at school?
    get on / get on well
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  • Johnny has abandoned his tennis classes. GIVEN Johnny _____ his tennis classes.
    has given up
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  • Muriel hasn’t accepted the job offer. DOWN Muriel ___ the job offer.
    has turned down
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  • Mum doesn’t speak English as well as Dad. GREAT Dad speaks ____ than Mum.
    English a great deal better
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  • TVs don’t cost as much as they used to. FAR TVs cost _____ they used to.
    far less than
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  • Chocolate is fattening but cheese is fattening, too. JUST Cheese ____ chocolate.
    is just as fattening as
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  • Her canary sings better than mine. SINGER Her canary ____ than mine.
    is a better singer
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  • The gazelle is the fastest animal in the world. THAN No animal runs _____ the gazelle.
    faster than
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  • As students get closer to their exams they become more nervous. MORE The closer students get to their exams, _____ become.
    the more nervous they
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  • The tickets sold out within days because the concert was so well publicized. SUCH It was ______ that the tickets sold out within days.
    such a well publicized concert
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  • The weather is too bad for camping. ENOUGH The weather isn’t _____ for camping.
    good enough
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  • These exercises are too complicated. We can’t solve them. SIMPLE These exercises aren’t _____ solve.
    simple enough for us to / simple enough to
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  • The book was really good. I couldn’t put it down. SUCH It ____ that I couldn’t put it down.
    was such a good book
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  • Each time I watch “The Incredibles” I like it more. I The _____ more I like it.
    more I watch "The Incredibles", the
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  • He is the best cook in the family. BETTER No one in the family _____ does.
    cooks better than he
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