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A - Phrasal Verbs

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    American English Phrasal Verbs
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  • Account for
    To explain how/why. To give reasons. ex. "How do you account for the increase in production costs?"
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  • Act on
    To pursue. To take action because of information received. ex. "The military planned to act on the information they received."
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  • Act out
    1. To react negatively to something. ex. "Teenagers often act out to express their feelings." 2. To act a scene as an actor. "We had to act out a fight scene."
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  • Act up
    1. To behave or function improperly. ex. "My elbow is acting up again." 2. When a child behaves in a bad manner. "He was acting up in the store again so we left
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  • Add up
    1) To calculate a sum. ex. "I added up all your bills. You owe me $120." 2) To make sense. ex. "There's something about his story that doesn't add up."
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  • Add up to
    To equal an amount. ex. "Our monthly expenses added up to $500."
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  • Allow for
    To include. ex. "You have to allow for unexpected expenses in your budget."
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  • Ask around
    To ask several people or more. ex. "Q: Do you have change for a 20? A: No, but ask around, I'm sure someone does.
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  • Ask out
    To ask to go on a date. ex. "I'm going to ask her out tomorrow."
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  • Ask over
    To invite to one's home. ex. "I would ask him over for dinner, but I'm afraid he would eat too much."
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  • Attend to
    To see about something (formal). ex. "I have some business to attend to. I'll meet up with you later, John."
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