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JS5 U78 Day 24

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    English, water cycle, water riddles
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  • I can be sparkling but I’m not a star I can run but I don’t have any legs I can fall but I don’t get hurt I’m found in a bath but I’m not a rubber duck I can help you clean but I’m not soap
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  • I come down but never go up, what am I?
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  • I’m hard but I’m not a stone I’m cold but I don’t need a coat If I get warmed up I change appearance but I’m not popcorn I get put in drinks but I’m not a straw I’m made of H20 but I’m not running wate
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  • Clouds are made of water, true or false?
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  • When water heats up where does it go? The ground or the sky?
    The sky, it goes up
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  • Condensation is when water in the sky falls back to earth, True or False?
    False, that's precipitation
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  • Can you see water vapor at home?
    Yes, when water is boiling
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  • Plants sweat like humans do, true or false?
    True, it's called transpiration
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  • What is a hill station?
    Places built high up to help avoid summer heat
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  • Snow and ice sometimes turn to gas in really cold weather, True or False?
    True, it's called sublimation
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