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Your Name is a Song

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    Book Analysis
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  • What's that word? Find a word in the book that you do not know the meaning. Try to re-read that part of the story and guess the meaning from the context.
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  • Make a connection between something you read and something from your life, another text or the world around you.
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  • Think of a question you would like to ask to the author of the book.
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  • What would you have said to the girl if she told you that people were laughing at her name?
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  • Summarize the story in some sentences. Include the main ideas, facts and details.
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  • Whose point of view is the text written from?
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  • Author's Purpose. Why did the author write this book? How do you know?
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  • Mention 3 things you have learnt from this story
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  • What's the message from this story?
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