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Lara and the mountain lion

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    A girl who is ill and meets a mountain lion whom she helps
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  • What is Lara's job?
    A vet
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  • How did Lara feel when she was George's age?
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  • What is Lara like?
    She's weak / She's often ill / She's not good at skiing, snowboarding and climbing
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  • What are Lara's cousins like?
    unkind, good at snowboarding and climbing
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  • What illnesses does the mountain lion have?
    Toothache, headache, stomach-ache, temperature
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  • How does the lion help Lara?
    It takes her up the mountain its back.
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  • How do Lara's cousins react when they see that she arrives at the top of the mountain before them?
    They are surprised. They never laugh at her again.
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  • How often does Lara go back to the same special space to see the mountain lion?
    Every year
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  • Why does Lara become a vet?
    Because she becomes friends with a mountain lion
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  • What's the photo on Lara's desk like?
    It's of a young girl and a mountain lion.
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  • Why do Lara's cousins laugh at her red face?
    She is weaker than they are.
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