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Nonsense Words

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    Students must guess the meaning of the word based on context
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  • My sister and I love the alakazam. On her birthday, my parents gave my sister an alakazam. It is a small animal with soft fur. The alakazam has a long tail and two small ears. It loves to drink milk and it likes to catch mice.
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  • Waka-waka is a sport. Many people like waka-waka. In a waka-waka team, there are two teams and each team has eleven people. People who play waka-waka chase a ball with white and black spots. They kick the ball into the goal.
    Soccer or Football
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  • There are many types of abracadabra in the world. Everyone has a favorite abracadabra. Some people like abracadabra made from oranges. Other people like mango abracadabra. My favourite abracadabra is apple abracadabra. What is yours?
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  • There are many koochi-koochi-koo, or really funny, people in the world. Most koochi-koochi-koo people make other people laugh or feel happy. All clowns are koochi-koochi-koo. Some people are koochi-koochi-koo by accident!
    Funny/ Hilarious
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  • Sam is higgledy-piggledy but his sister Amy isn't. She always takes good care of her clothes and makes sure her room is clean and neat. On windy days, Amy always combs her hair after she comes into the house because she is higgledy-piggledy
    Messy/ Untidy
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  • Kim says language is abooga-booga, or difficult, to learn unlike her friend Sue. She finds language is not abooga-booga to learn because she reads a lot, practises the language by talking to people, and listens to music in that language..
    Easy/ Not difficult/ Simple
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  • It is a bright, sunny day. My sister and I decide to take a trip to the ooglymoogly. Ooglymooglys are always fun to visit. I love hearing the sounds of the water. During our visit, we see many seagulls and collect a few shells there.
    Beach/ seaside/ seashore/ coast
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  • I like playing the bababoosta. My parents love bababoosta music, and I started having bababoosta lessons at 7. The bababoosta is a big instrument with many black and white keys. To play the babaoosta, sit near it and press its keys.
    Piano/ Organ/ Keyboard
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  • I want to be a whatchamacallit when I grow up. A whatchamacallit wears an orange uniform with a yellow helmet. He is very brave. He saves people from burning buildings and puts out fires.
    fireman/ firefighter
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  • Jujubies grow on trees and are small and round. A jujubie can be green, red or yellow in colour. Many people say jujubies are sweet and delicious, but some can be sour. My mother says it is full of vitamins and keeps people healthy
    An apple
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  • The thingamajig is grey. We can see them in zoos and circuses. They are big and have a long nose, which is called a trunk. Thingamajigs come from Africa. Many people like to hunt thingamajigs because their bones and teeth are very valuable.
    An elephant
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  • A bodegig is very useful to us and they come in many different colours and sizes. Some people carry them in their bags, while others just hold a bodegig in their hands. Bodegigs are usually seen when the day is very hot, or rainy.
    An umbrella
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