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Upper Elementary Social Skills

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    social skills, coping skills, friends, expected behaviors, small vs big problems
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  • While playing tag, all of the other kids keeping go after you to tag out first. What could you do?
    Talk to them, ask a grown-up for help, do something else
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  • Your best friend who you always eat lunch with isn't at school today. What can you do?
    Sit with a different friend. Ask someone to let you sit with them and make a new friend
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  • Your join a new team sport and you don't know anyone on the team. What could you say to another teammate?
    Introduce yourself to someone, ask them if they have played before, answers vary
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  • There's a new kid in your class. You see they have a Roblox t-shirt on. You love playing Roblox. What can you say to the new person?
    Hi! My name is ____. Do you like playing Roblox? (answers can vary)
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  • You have 25 math problems for homework. It seems like its too much. You're feeling frustrated and angry. What can you do?
    Take a break, ask for help, break it up, only focus on 5 problems at a time
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  • Name 3 coping skills
    answers vary
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  • Your favorite Lego set gets stepped on and breaks. Is this a small, medium, or big problem?
    small, you can always rebuild, make something else
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  • You forgot to take your lunch with you to school and you don't have any money. What can you do?
    Call your parent, talk to your teacher
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  • Your friend keeps talking and talking about basketball. You don't like basketball. What can you do?
    Be a good friend, listen, ask a few questions, and then change the subject
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  • Mom tells you no more computer today. What do you do? Is this a small, medium, or big problem?
    Turn off the computer, find something else to do. Small problem!
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  • Your team loses the baseball game. Is this a small, medium, or big problem? Bonus: What do you say to the other team?
    Small problem, maybe you will win next time. Bonus: You say "Good Game!"
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  • You think your friend's new hair cut looks terrible. Think it or say it?
    Think it!
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