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Flyers-Reading Part 1 Guessing game
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    Review Vocab Flyer local Designed by Sue,Danny_Ielts class
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  • This person writes news stories or talk about the news on the television or the radio.
    A journalist
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  • People work in these places. They make things like computers or cameras there.
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  • You can put this in a drink to make it cold.
    Ice :)
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  • This is kind of bad weather when there is a lot of rain and wind.
    A storm =.=
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  • You go to these places to buy stamps or when you want to send letters.
    Post offices 0.0
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  • You ride this thing. It's slower than a car
    A bicycle
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  • People want to go these places when they are away from home and they need somewhere to sleep.
    Hotel :v
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  • You sometimes see this in the sky. There are seven colours in it.
    Rainbow ***
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  • People usually laugh when they see this person in the circus.
    A clown
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  • People give money to the drivers of this to take them them from on place to another place.
    A taxi
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  • If you are very ill, you sometimes have to stay in this place for a few days and people will look after you there.
    A hospital >.<
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  • You can wear this round the top of your trousers or skirt.
    A belt
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  • Some people put keys or money in these if they are wearing a coat or jeans, for example.
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  • If your hair is untidy, you can use this to make it tidy again.
    A brush '.'
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  • People like policeman and firemen usually have to wear this at work. Sometimes boys and girls have to wear them at school.
    Uniforms ~~~
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