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When questions

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    When comprehension
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  • Kitty must wear her glasses to read to her friends. When does Kitty wear her glasses?
    When she reads to her friends
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  • Bear likes to drink coffee in the morning. When does bear drink coffee?
    In the morning.
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  • Joe always eats popcorn when he watches a movie. When does Joe eat popcorn?
    When he watches a movie.
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  • The team always cleans their uniforms after the game. When do they clean their uniforms.
    After the game
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  • Michelle likes to dance when she is happy. When does Michelle like to dance?
    When she is happy.
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  • Gwen laughs when someone tells her a joke. When does Gwen laugh?
    When she hears a joke.
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  • Puppy likes to snuggle when he is cold. When does puppy snuggle?
    When he is cold.
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  • Flowers grow in the springtime. When do flowers grow.
    In the spring time.
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  • I saw the rainbow after the storm. When did I see the rainbow?
    After the storm.
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  • They always celebrate when they win the game. When do they celebrate?
    When they win the game.
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  • David puts on gloves before he cleans. When does David put on gloves?
    Before he cleans.
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  • Cat stretches before breakfast. When does cat stretch?
    Before breakfast.
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  • She jumps for joy every Friday. When does she jump for joy?
    Every Friday
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  • Sheba blows out the candles before she eats her cake. When does Sheba eat her cake?
    After she blows out the candles.
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