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Test Your BUGS FOR BREAKFAST Knowledge

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    Multiple Choice Entomophagy Quiz to accompany BUGS FOR BREAKFAST: How Eating Insects Could Help Save the Planet (Chicago Review Press, 2021) by Mary Boone
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  • The Bible includes stories about John the Baptist eating insects. What type of insects were on his menu?
    Scorpions with coriander
    Termites roasted over an open flame
    Bees wrapped in palm leaves
    Locusts with honey
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  • More than 2,100 species of insects are currently eaten in approximately how many countries?
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  • It takes about 1,799 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef. How much water does it take to produce one pound of crickets?
    26 gallons
    1 tablespoon
    1 gallon
    2 gallons
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  • Beyond edible items, many cricket producers sell insect poo and shed exoskeletons as fertilizer. What is this excrement called?
    Cricket doo
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  • Edible insects are typically rich in all these nutrients except for one. Which is it?
    Vitamin B12
    Vitamin C
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  • Entomophobia is the fear of insects. Roughly what percent of the U.S. population suffers from entomophobia?
    61 percent
    6 percent
    26 percent
    46 percent
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  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has guidelines that allow a certain number of insect parts in our food. Which of these EXCEEDS those "acceptable" levels?ls?
    120 or more aphids or mites in one cup of frozen broccoli
    Up to 10 fly eggs in a small glass of orange juice
    60 or more insect fragments in one half cup chocolate
    30 or more insect fragments in a teaspoon of ground allspice
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  • Shellac is a protective coating used to give some fruit, vegetables, and candies a shiny appearance. Where does shellac come from?
    It's a manmade substance
    It's a hydroxy fatty acid produced by certain plants
    Excrements of the female lac insect
    It comes from honeycomb
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  • Worldwide, what is the most popular edible insect?
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  • Chapulines are commonly eaten in certain areas of Mexico. What are they?
    Roasted crickets
    Raw mealworms
    Canned termites
    Fried grasshoppers
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  • Crickets are favorites among those farming insects. How long does it take for a cricket to reach maturity?
    12 weeks
    2 weeks
    8 weeks
    18 weeks
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  • Which of these statements is true?
    Ladybugs and June bugs are true bugs -- duh, their names say
    All bugs are insects, but not all insects are bugs.
    All insects are bugs, but not all bugs are insects.
    Bugs and insects are 100 percent the same thing.
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  • Somewhere around 900,000 different kinds of living insects are known. This represents approximates WHAT PERCENT of the world's species?
    68 percent
    39 percent
    50 percent
    80 percent
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  • Edible insects may be the answer to feeding a growing population. In 2021 the Food Aid Foundation said hunger affects how many people worldwide?
    One out of every 29 people.
    One out of every 19 people.
    One out of every 39 people.
    One out of every 9 people.
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  • The world's top three insect-eating countries are all located in this region.
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  • In this country you can find food vending machines offer packets of zebra tarantulas, chocolate-covered grasshoppers, and rhinoceros beetles.
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  • Which of these is NOT a benefit of edible insects?
    Insects are rich in protein and iron.
    Fewer resources are needed to raise insects.
    Easy to gather and eat insects from your yard.
    They're a possible solution to world hunger.
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  • Scientists believe the earliest insects lived how long ago?
    1 billion years ago
    108 to 128 million years ago
    408 to 438 million years ago
    1 to 3 million years ago
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