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Simple Present x Present Continuous

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    Complete with simple present tense or present continuous tense
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  • ____ you _______ (like) hot dogs?
    Do you like hot dogs? Yes, I like hot dogs. / No, I don't like hot dogs.
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  • _____ your mother ______ (like) hamburgers?
    Does your mother like hamburgers? Yes, she likes hamburgers. No, she doesn't like hamburgers,
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  • _____ your best friend ________ (like) Japanese food?
    Does your best friend like Japanese food? Yes, my best friend likes Japanese food. / No, my best friend doesn't like Japanese food.
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  • ______ you _________ (like) white coffee?
    Do you like white coffee? Yes, I like white coffee. No, I don't like white cofee.
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  • ______ your teacher _________ (prefer) English or Spanish?
    Does your teacher prefer English or Spanish? She prefers English.
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  • __________ your best friend _________ (prefer) cake or bread?
    Does your best friend prefer cake or bread? My best friend prefers cake/bread.
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  • _______ you _______ (drink) coffee now?
    Are you drinking coffee now? No, I'm not drinking coffee now.
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  • _____ your teacher _______ (drink) juice now?
    Is your teacher drinking juice now? No, she isn't drinking juice now.
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  • ________ you ________ (eat) popcorn now?
    Are you eating popcorn now? No, I'm not eating popcorn now.
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  • _______ your mother ________ (eat) pizza now?
    Is your mother eating pizza now? No, she isn't eating pizza now.
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  • _________ you _____________ (sit) on a chair now?
    Are you sitting on a chair now? Yes, I am sitting on a chair now.
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  • __________ the teacher ______________ (walk) at the moment?
    Is the teacher walking at the moment? Yes, she is walking at the moment, / No, she isn't walking at the moment.
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  • _________ you ___________ (live) in a house?
    Do you live in a house? Yes, I live in a house. / No, I don't live in a house. I live in a flat.
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  • ________ you __________ (learn) English on Saturdays?
    Do you learn English on Saturdays? Yes, I learn English on Saturdays. / No, I don't learn English on Saturdays.
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  • __________ the students ______________ (wait) for the teacher now?
    Are the students waiting for the teacher now? No, the students aren't waiting for the teacher now.
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