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Giving Directions
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    Ielts ready - lesson 7
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  • Where is the cinema?
    Go along Bond street to the roundabout and turn left on King's road. The cinema is next to the theater, on your left.
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  • What is this?
    It's a traffic light.
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  • Complete a sentence. "You go _____ a bridge"
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  • Where is Italian restaurant?
    Go along Bond's Street to the roundabout and turn right on King's road, go for 3 blocks, the Italian restaurant is at the end of the road.
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  • Complete the phrase: "On the .... of the street"
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  • What is this?
    a pavement
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  • What place is on the left corner of the map, at the end of King street?
    the hospital
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  • What place is on the right, at the end of Bond street?
    The supermarket
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