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WHII.4a- European Exploration
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  • What European explored further south along the African coast than ever before?
    Prince Henry the Navigator
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  • What country did Prince Henry sail for?
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  • What Portuguese explorer was the first European to sail around Africa to India?
    Vasco da Gama
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  • What type of physical things did Europeans want to find in the New World? (Name at least two)
    Gold, spices, and natural resources
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  • What group was responsible for spreading Catholicism to the New World?
    Jesuits (Society of Jesus)
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  • Explain why European nations wanted to have more colonies than the others.
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  • What culture did Europeans learn navigational skills from during this time?
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  • What explorer "discovered" the Americas and sailed for Spain?
    Christopher Columbus
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  • What explorer defeated the Incan Empire?
    Francisco Pizarro
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  • What nation did Cortez defeat and what nation did he sail for?
    The Aztec Empire; Spain
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  • What does "circumnavigate" mean and which explorer is known for being the first to accomplish this? (His crew did it at least...)
    To sail around the world and Ferdinand Magellan
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  • What river did Jacques Cartier explore and what nation did he sail for?
    St. Lawrence; France
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  • Who was the only explorer we studied for England and what did he accomplish?
    Francis Drake; First Englishman to circumnavigate the globe and helped defeat Spanish Armada
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