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WHII.4 SOL Review
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    World History II WHII.4 SOL Review
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  • Who was a Portuguese pioneer of nautical exploration, helping Europeans to establish navigation schools and explore further than ever before?
    Prince Henry the Navigator
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  • Who was a Portuguese sailor who was the first European to sail around Africa to Asia?
    Vasco da Gama
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  • Who sailed for Spain and destroyed the Aztec Empire?
    Hernando Cortez
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  • Who sailed for Spain and is credited with destroying the Incan Empire?
    Francisco Pizarro
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  • Who led the first crew to circumnavigate the globe and what nation did he sail for?
    Ferdinand Magellan; Spain
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  • Who was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe and helped Elizabeth I defeat the Spanish Armada?
    Francis Drake
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  • Who explored the St. Lawrence river in modern day Canada and what nation did he sail for?
    Jacques Cartier
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  • What were established by the British, Portuguese, and Dutch to expand into Africa and Asia and had the power to wage war, sign treaties, and establish trade deals?
    Trading companies
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  • Give two exports of Africa.
    Ivory, gold, slaves, salt
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  • Describe who were lost in Africa due to the slave trade.
    Fittest members of society
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  • What were imported to Africa that allowed some societies in Africa to control and subjugate other groups?
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  • Where were trading posts established (geographically) in Africa and Asia? Why?
    Along the coast; easy access for trade/reinforcement
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  • What continent is known for attempting to limit European contact by setting up enclaves or practicing isolationism?
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  • The ______________ Plan was designed for the Spanish to protect and educate the indigenous peoples of the Americas, but essentially became glorified slavery.
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  • What was the spread of ideas, goods, diseases, and more from the eastern to/from western hemispheres?
    Columbian Exchange
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  • What was the trade of goods between Europe, Africa, and the Americas called?
    The Triangle Trade
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  • What did the importation of large amounts of silver/gold from the New World do to Spain's economy?
    Caused massive inflation
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  • What is Nicolaus Copernicus known for developing?
    The heliocentric theory
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  • Who discovered that the planets travel in elliptical paths, not circles as previously thought?
    Johannes Kepler
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  • Galileo ________ used his telescope to support ___________ theory.
    Galilei; heliocentric
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  • Who formulated the law of gravity?
    Isaac Newton
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  • What did William Harvey discover?
    The circulation of the blood
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