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Health and Fitness
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  • In order to have a healthy lifestyle, you should eat a __________ diet, ____________ at the gym and visiti the doctor for monthly __________.
    balanced, work out, check-ups
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  • To shake slightly because you feel cold, sick or frightened.
    To shiver
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  • To feel that everything is turning around and being unable to balance and about to fall down.
    To feel dizzy
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  • My ankle hurts, I think it must be _______. I should go to the doctor immediately.
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  • I'm afraid I'm feeling a bit ________ today. I might have caught a cold.
    under the weather
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  • I don't remember what happened. I felt weak and dizzy after luch and I may have _______.
    blacked out
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  • The doctor said that the operation had been a total success and he expected the patient to _________.
    pull through
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  • Mike didn't go to work last week because of a cold, but he is now _____________.
    back on his feet
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  • Walking for at least an hour a day is a perfect way of __________.
    keeping in shape
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  • Having to deal with exams and a terrible cold made me feel awful last week, but now I feel _____________.
    on top of the world
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  • Anne looks terrible. I think she may be ______________ a flu.
    coming down with
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  • Part of a person's leg above the knee
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  • The upper front part of the human body containing the lungs and heart.
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  • Bulimia and anorexia are two of the most common eating __________ among teenagers.
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  • A large organ in the body which cleans the blood and produces bile.
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  • Part of a person's face which is below their mouth.
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