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Oregon Trail
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    Some quick facts about the Oregon Trail

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  • What town was the start of the Oregon Trail?
    Independence, Missouri

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  • How long was the Oregon Trail?
    About 2,000 miles long

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  • What would families do after setting up camp for the evening and having dinner? (pick at least one)
    Singing songs, talking, telling stories, planning their next day and wondering what tomorrow would bring.

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  • How far could wagons travel each day?
    10-20 miles

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  • How many wagons could make up a wagon train?

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  • What challenges did travelers encounter?
    Sickness, hunger, accidents, floods, snow, and thieves.

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  • What mountain range did travelers want to be past before winter?
    Rocky Mountains

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  • A flat, grassy area of land is called?
    A prairie

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  • How many pioneers headed west?
    About 350,000

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  • What animals pulled covered wagons?
    Oxen, horses, or mules

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  • Why would wagon trains circle up at night?
    To provide protection from animals, thieves, or intruders.

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  • Why did people want to travel west?
    Gold, jobs, land, and a fresh start.

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  • Who were the people who traveled on the trail?
    Doctors, lawyers, teachers, farmers, and ranchers.

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  • How long did the journey take?
    Usually 5-6 months

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  • Who made decisions on the trail?
    The captain

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  • What were some of the jobs at camp on the trail? (Name two)
    Cooking, washing clothes, building the fire, feeding animals, gathering firewood, getting fresh water, hunting and finding foods.

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  • What was the name of the guide on the trail?
    The scout

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