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relative clauses

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    define the words by using a relative clause
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  • tourist
    A tourist is somebody who travels for pleasure
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  • Sports Center
    A sports center is a place where people practice different sports
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  • Key
    key is the thing that we use to unlock a door
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  • worried
    It is how you feel when you have a problem
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  • gluestick
    It is a solid adhesive in a push-up tube which is used to join things together.
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  • laugh
    It is what you do when you are happy or amused
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  • frigde
    It is a metal container which keeps our food fresh.
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  • Paul Auster
    It is the famous writer who wrote The Music of chance,Invisible, among others.
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  • Novo Mesto
    it is the city where my grandfather was born.
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  • Nurse
    it is the person who cares for the sick.
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  • yoyo
    It is a toy that consists of a disk attached to a string.
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  • Christmas
    It is the celebration that commemorates the birth of Jesus
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