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Adverbs of manner
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    Students have to use the adjective in parentheses and convert it into the adverb of manner to complete the sentence.
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  • She speaks. (slow)
    She speaks slowly.
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  • They sang. (wonderful)
    They sang wonderfully.
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  • John speaks English. (good)
    John speaks English well.
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  • The dog barks. (loud)
    The dog barks loudly.
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  • My sister plays piano. (awful)
    My sister plays piano awfully.
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  • She met him. (secret)
    She met him secretly.
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  • The children laughed. (happy)
    The children laughed happily.
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  • She hurt her leg. (bad)
    She hurt her leg badly.
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  • They left the house (quiet) so I didn't hear them.
    They left the house quietly so I didn't hear them.
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  • DD eats the cake (greedy) because he is hungry.
    DD eats the cake greedily because he is hungry.
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  • I hear my neighbours shouting. (angry)
    I hear my neighbours shouting angrily.
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  • The ballerina moved (soft) as she danced.
    The ballerina moved softly as she danced.
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