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Problems, Needs and Solutions.

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    Practice language to give advice, suggestions and find solutions.
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  • I want a new bike, but I don't have money to buy one. (use "why don't you...?")
    Example: Why don't you save money?
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  • It is raining today and I need to walk to school. (find a solution using "you can")
    Example: You can use an umbrella.
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  • I don't like vegetables. (talk about the importance of eating vegetables using "have to")
    Example: We have to eat vegetables to be healthy.
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  • My best friend is mad at me! (give an advice using "maybe you should")
    Example: Maybe you should talk to him/her.
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  • I'm going to hangout with my friends but I don't know where to go. (give a suggestion using "why don't you..?")
    Example: Why don't you go bowling.
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  • My friend invited me to go to a Japanese restaurant, but I don't like sushi. (give an advise using "maybe you should")
    Example: Maybe you should ask your friend to go to a pizzeria.
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  • I am so dirty, but it's time to go to bed. (tell what he/she must do before going to bed.)
    Example: You must take a shower before going to bed.
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  • My room is a mess. (talk about the obligation everyone has to keep the room organize)
    Example: You have to keep your room organized.
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  • I don't have many friends. (give an advice using "why don't you")
    Example: Why don't you throw a party and invite all your classmates?
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  • I'm hungry, but I don't know what to eat. (make a suggestion using "you can")
    Example: You can eat an apple.
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  • My mom asked me to wash the dishes but I am feeling so lazy today. (talk about the obligation to do what the parents ask)
    Example: You must/have to obey your mom.
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  • The birthday party of my best friend is next weekend and I don't know what gift to buy. (make a suggestion using "maybe you should")
    Example: Maybe you should buy a gift card.
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