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Test Your Logic

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    Students work with their teams to try and logically answer the questions proposed.
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  • How many children does a man have if he has ten sons and each son has a sister?
    Eleven (11)
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  • A 747 airplane crashes on the border of France and Belgium. There were 150 French people and 200 Belgians on board. Where are the survivors buried - in France or in Belgium?
    You do not bury survivors.
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  • What was the highest mountain on Earth before Mount Everest was discovered?
    It was still Mount Everest.
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  • If you only had one match and entered a dark room containing an oil lamp, a newspaper, and some small sticks, what would you light first?
    The match.
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  • Take three apples from five apples. How many do you have?
    You have 3 (you took 3 apples)
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  • How many times can you take 4 from 33?
    Once. After one time, it is no longer 33.
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  • Which is correct: Nine and seven is fifteen OR Nine and seven are fifteen?
    Neither. Nine and seven is 16.
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