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Idioms with Colors
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    This game is _ _ _ hot! (B8 x3,4)
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  • What can you say if you don't want milk or cream in your coffee?
    I want my coffee black.
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  • If someone beats you up, how do you get?
    You get black and blue.
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  • If you are different from your family, you are...
    The black sheep of the family.
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  • What do you call these professionals?
    They are the boys in blue.
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  • When someone compliments you and you get embarrassed, you get...
    You get as red as a beet.
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  • When a product is a best seller we say it is...
    Red hot!
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  • When there's a lot of bureaucracy in order to get something done, you can say that...
    There is a lot of red tape.
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  • If something rarely happens, we can say it that...
    It happens once in a blue moon.
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  • When something that you are not expecting happens, what can you say?
    It happened out of the blue.
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  • When you are in debt, you are...
    In the red.
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  • When you are too scared or simply pale, you are...
    (as) white as a sheet.
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  • When you are angry, you are...
    Seeing red.
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  • When you tell a lie not to hurt someone, you...
    Tell a white lie.
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  • When you are depressed, you are...
    Blue :(
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  • When you are making a profit, you are...
    In the blue/black.
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  • When someone catches you doing something you wanted to be a secret, you are...
    Caught red handed.
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