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Resolving Conflicts

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    Resolving conflicts
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  • What is conflict?
    Fight between strangers
    disagreement between 2 or more people
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  • What is a mediator?
    Someone who doesn't take sides and helps resolve a problem
    Someone who stands up for a friend in an argument
    Someone who helps in a fight
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  • One example of how to avoid conflict is....
    Walk away swearing
    Provoke a fight
    Actively ignore
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  • A power struggle is?
    using your money to get what you want
    fighting on the ground
    trying to influence another person to do what you want
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  • What is compromise?
    Demanding that someone do as you say
    Giving in on some points of a disagreement
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  • Name one skill needed in a successful relationship.
    hugging skills
    communication skills
    shopping skills
    basketball skills
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  • What is empathy?
    A type of communication
    Putting yourself in another's shoes so you understand them.
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  • A conflict can be resolved in two ways, what are they?
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  • When is it a good time to address conflict?
    When all parties are calm and able to listen to one another.
    When all parties are angry.
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  • What is an I-Statement?
    Communicates the speakers feelings without causing conflict.
    Aggressive communication
    The opposite of a you-statement
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  • A good communicator will...
    use negative language
    Listen without interrupting
    not look at the person
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  • An example of a nonverbal response is...
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  • Remember to listen more than ___________.
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